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Translation needed before, during, and after a conference includes:

  • Turnkey Video Translation Services

  • Conference Documents

  • Academic Papers

  • Meeting Minutes

In the context of a meeting that uses more than one languages, the faster these materials are translated, the easier it is to engage your audience and facilitate more meaningful exchange. 

Conference Interpreting

There are different types of interpreting:

  • Consecutive Interpreting

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

  • Whispered Interpreting

  • Tour-guide system Interpreting

Language Services for Effective Communication

To run a conference smoothly, you may also need multilingual services from:

  • Emcee

  • Moderator

  • Meeting Facilitator

  • Presentation Coach

Don't take chances with important communication!

Call on language experts for successful communication. GIS Language Services supports your event in the Asia Pacific region by working with expert conference interpreters of AIIC members. We deliver  conference translation and interpreting services, including remote simultaneous interpreting, but we are so much more!


High Performance Equipment for Best Communication Quality 

In any meeting the audiovisual equipment defines communication. We also know how important working space is to interpreters. This is why we have been devoted to bringing the most up-to-date equipment with stable performance for our interpreters to enjoy the best environment to work in. The latest BOSCH DICENTIS consoles come with a screen on top for interpreters to have clearer view of the floor broadcast. Our experienced engineers onsite ensure both interpreters and audience receive the best sound quality, so that they are able to remain focused on the content of the meeting, allowing for messages to be fully communicated.

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Technical Service Team

GIS Language Services is a part of Congress Rental Network (CRN), whose members span 43 countries in 5 continents. CRN members provide conferencing solutions for EU and UN meetings around the world. We have been providing the highest quality language services for clients in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region, ever since the start of frequent international conferences in the region. We are able to source the best language experts suitable for your meetings and events.

Quotation Inquiry

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