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We design your conference language solutions!

Create an environment without language or cultural  barriers. GIS Language Services is a member of Congress Rental Network (CRN) and partner of Interprefy. We are able to support your event in Asia Pacific region with local language experts and equipment rental.


Translation for Conference 

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Translation demanded by a conference comes in various forms, and it is slightly different from traditional translation services. Conference translation is usually highly time-sensitive and devoted to a specific meeting, the translation work is usually performed by one to two translators to ensure consistency and achieve the highest efficiency. 

  • Turnkey Video Translation Services
    Subtitle or script transcription, translation, proofreading, script recording / subtitling, translated video validation, deliver target language video

  • Website
    Event official websites, localization

  • Academic papers
    Journal articles, degree thesis, abstract, research materials summarization and translation

  • Conference text materials
    speech script, press release, dictation and transcription, conference manual, association publication, event and activity introduction, promotion material, meeting minutes



Conference Interpreting

Not sure what type of interpreting you need:

  • Consecutive Interpreting (CI)
    Commonly used in one-on-one or smaller meetings, consecutive interpretation provides personalized service that allows your cross-cultural event or conference to run efficiently. Our interpreters possess superb language skills and personable qualities to help facilitate interactions between two or more languages.

  • Simultaneous Interpreting (SI)
    Regularly used in the EU and the UN meetings, this is the kind of interpretation where interpreters sit in booths, translating in real time and delegates listen to their own languages via headsets. Our interpreters come from AIIC members or certified professionals from prestigious graduate institute. They render accurate translation at speed which allows you to deliver events efficiently to world audiences without language barriers.

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)
    Great interpretation option for online meetings, RSI is conducted in the same way as simultaneous interpretation, except that the interpretors are not necessarily sitting at the site of the conference (since there is not one in a virtual meeting) but a distance away, or an ocean away. RSI allows us to connect to interpreters in the East Asia region and provide more language options to your meeting.

  • Relay Interpretation
    The language that the speaker is using is termed the floor language. Usually the floor language is English, and interpreters translate English into Japanese, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. But when a speaker takes the floor and speaks Japanese, Japanese-English interpreters would have to start interpreting into English, and then the other interpreters listen and translate into other languages. Do not worry if relayed interpretation becomes delayed interpretation. Our interepreters are rigorously trained and usually the interpretation will come behind the speaker in less than a sentence.

  • Whispered Interpretation
    Often seen in national leader meetings, this is a form of simultaneous interpretation performed by an interpreter who whispers the interpretation in the ear of one or two individuals. The seating of the interpreter has to be carefully designed for their translation to be heard clearly, while causing minimal disturbance to other participants.

  • Tour-Guide Interpretation
    This type of interpretation is suitable for events where delegates and interpreters need to be mobile. The interpreter uses a radio transmitter and delegates listen via headsets, which are light and easy to carry.



Language Services for
Effective Communication


Language services help achieve higher efficacy of your meeting.

  • Emcee Service
    A master of ceremony does more than announcing what is coming next. They hold great responsibility to keep the event running smoothly. They hold and direct all the audience's attention, prepare their mind and ears for the next segment of your event. An emcee's importance is ever more visible in online meetings, where audience attention is easily lost due to distance. Our multilingual emcees facilitate your event of all sizes and create smooth participation experience. 

  • Host / Moderator Service
    An event host must be very clear on the purpose and detailed rundown of your conference / activity, so that they are able to respond swiftly to changes (which happen quite often in an event). A moderator has in-depth understanding of the topic in question and can initiate informative interviews with panelists or speakers. Our multilingual hosts and moderators harness proficient language skills and years of experience to contribute to effective communication and success of your event. 

  • Meeting Facilitation
    GIS Language Services is devoted to building smooth meeting experience through language knowledge and skills. The profession of meeting facilitation greatly contributes to a successful meeting where everyone participates and the agreed-upon goals are reached. Our meeting facilitators are certified conference interpreters and language experts. We are not only adept at facilitation skills but proficient in the knowledge of cross-cultural communication. Without any misunderstanding, your meeting will be an efficient one yielding desirable outcomes.

  • Presentation Language Services
    The basic 5W questions you ask yourself when preparing a presentation:
    -Who is my audience? Why are they listening to me?
    -What content should I include to get their interest?
    -How should I convey the message?
    -When do I deliver the speech? Is it a good timing?
    -Where is the presentation taking place? Online, or a physical conference hall?

    But there is actually more to a presentation preparation that is going to affect the success of your speech, pitch, negotiation, or even a business opportunity. Our presentation language services help you deliver high-stakes presentations and achieve your desired goal.

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